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11 February
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All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream

edward norton is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

I <3 Edward Norton.
sex is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

I adopted a cute lil' emo fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Tina the Troubled Teen

Dashboard Confessional Are Cavalier

Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal are ♥

Napoleon Dynamite is Flippin' Awesome Love - I Already Told You! GOSH!

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Is Love

The Simpsons are Love!

Daria is sarcasm in brown hair love!

Taking Back Sunday is where you wanna be..

Premature Ejaculation is NOT Love, Whatsoever.

Requiem for a Dream is Love.


How common are endxofxsound's interests
harry potter (129678)
movies (556890)
music (845734)
photography (237029)
poetry (202773)
rain (116644)
sex (167661)
taking back sunday (101910)
afi (83003)
coheed and cambria (55617)
cuddling (62854)
dashboard confessional (84062)
donnie darko (51285)
driving (74913)
family guy (62604)
fight club (50352)
finch (55787)
history (64886)
incubus (81800)
johnny depp (75473)
pictures (79018)
politics (57241)
radiohead (89556)
sarcasm (52562)
saves the day (56409)
the simpsons (61093)
the used (67961)
thrice (50763)
thursday (79979)
tool (58005)
yellowcard (72407)
a clockwork orange (16804)
a perfect circle (41583)
american beauty (15624)
american history x (10577)
angelina jolie (30050)
brad pitt (12987)
comedy central (11351)
daria (16454)
deftones (34543)
dogma (12131)
edgar allen poe (10192)
edward norton (11088)
edward scissorhands (18286)
fall out boy (28739)
further seems forever (28100)
germany (12646)
hardcore (38805)
horses (36230)
invader zim (33971)
john cusack (12417)
korn (38882)
kurt cobain (19836)
lost prophets (10594)
mae (18068)
metal (47312)
mindless self indulgence (20160)
outkast (24439)
pirates (39055)
poison the well (28223)
rage against the machine (20530)
requiem for a dream (18765)
system of a down (43407)
tenacious d (13462)
the ataris (42280)
the bled (11246)
the o.c. (11413)
80s music (9783)
a beautiful mind (1405)
a jealousy issue (1040)
american history (1774)
cartoon network (5024)
chasing amy (6826)
daily show (1577)
ed gein (2382)
european history (1701)
glasseater (4098)
grunge (8855)
jamba juice (5559)
jared leto (2492)
jon stewart (5403)
keepsake (3234)
magnolia (3047)
memento (7197)
military (5115)
my so-called life (4111)
nietzsche (5026)
psycho (1384)
remembering never (4868)
saftey pins (1133)
saved by the bell (8077)
sharpies (9677)
silence of the lambs (2591)
slc punk (8976)
texas chainsaw massacre (2567)
the family guy (4007)
the virgin suicides (9289)
tyler durden (1309)
vanilla sky (3919)
wwii (1671)
athiesm (673)
being cooler than you (210)
coral springs (183)
guess the movie (87)
malcom in the middle (793)
monster (917)
nazi germany (224)
regal (118)
regal cinemas (75)
tamarac (17)
the stand (638)
thrusday (554)
university of north florida (80)
fist five (5)

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Brad Pitt is THE SEX love.

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